Client Services


Birth Certificates

St. Ann Place works with clients who need a birth certificate for identification purposes.  

Identification Cards

We work with the Palm Beach County Tax Collector's office in assisting clients in obtaining a Florida Identification  Card.  This service is limited to current clients.  

Document Retention

We can retain all important documents for you during your homelessness. We suggest that you leave any documents that you are concerned about being lost, stolen or destroyed by weather conditions.

Bus Passes

At St. Ann Place, we assist clients in registering for discounted bus passes from Palm Tran.  To get a discounted bus pass, you must qualify on the basis of income with the Palm Tran guidelines.  Proof of income is required to meet the qualification guidelines.

We provide a bus pass to clients who have a verifiable doctor appointment.

Food Stamps

We assist clients in completing the online food stamp application or renewal process.  Food Stamp applications and renewals are done on Tuesday morning.

Mail Box Service

We provide mail box service to all clients who need a place to receive mail or packages.  If you want to take advantage of this service, you must check your mail in person at least once every two weeks to keep your mailbox active.  We have limited storage and all inactive mailboxes will have the mail returned to the sender.

Housing Referrals

St. Ann Place is not an overnight shelter, nor do we have any housing available for clients.  We work with the Vickers House ( City of West Palm Beach) and the Lewis Center ( Palm Beach County) to assist in finding housing opportunities.  



















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